Online Personal Training

With our Be The Boss Fitness app, you can take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and amazing workouts no matter where you are in the UK.

The App

Online PT Benefits

All our online personal training clients receive the following:

Personal log in to the Be The Boss Fitness app which allows them to track their progress, store a food diary, access full workouts with videos and teaching points, receive motivational messages and challenges, video and upload their own technique for exercises, direct message their online Personal Trainer, upload ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and lots more!

  • ​Meal plans to help them reach their goal
  • ​Access to a Facebook group of people with similar goals.
  • ​Email support
  • ​Guaranteed results​


Your Stats

Keep Track of Your Fitness

Our App has been designed to provide you with the best possible experience, tips and plans which will help you achieve your goals.

  • Results tracking providing you graphs of how you’re performing to help increase motivation and show that your program is working

  • A full program designed to your needs which includes videos and teaching points of each exercise and the option of recording yourself performing the exercises to compare technique. When you record yourself the video is also sent to your trainer who can provide you with further instruction.


  • Daily habit changes which allow you to progressively change your lifestyle.


  • Scheduling so you know exactly what is needed to do each day, you check in to say you’ve completed the tasks given which are sent straight to your trainer. If for whatever reason you’re not making the most of the Be The Boss Fitness app your trainer will contact you to set you back on track​

Direct Messages

You will be able to send a message to your trainer from inside the app if you have any questions or concerns about your program and progress

Share Progress with Friends

The ability to upload before and after photos so you can show your friends the journey you’ve been on.

Fitness Assessments

Making sure your program matches your health & body goals is vital. That’s why our app includes fitness assessments to make sure the program is suitable for you!

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